A poetic bureaucratic project

The „office of useless words“ is a mobile, temporary office-installation: a table, chairs, index cards, stamps, pinboard & a potted plant & poet / performer Dirk Huelstrunk as office clerk.

During office hours, you can hand in words you don ́t need and don ́t want to use anymore. You will sign with date and name, stating you don ́t want to use these words again, stamping your word officially “useless”. In return you will get a surprise word you can fill with new exciting meaning. Useless words will be registered and recycled in script and sound.The results will be displayed and performed & discussed during performance hours.

It is suited for art & poetry festivals, libraries, public events, congresses or other institutions. It is an ideal add-on for art & language events but also works as a stand-alone project in any place where people meet and pass. It works in any language.

The „office of useless words“ creates a space to calm down, reflect and talk about language & society. The bureaucratic process of stamping, signing & exchanging old words for new words has a magic & sometimes even therapeutical effect.

Office of Useless Words at Turku City Library 2015

The „office of useless words“ was originally created for Olohuone Art Festival, Turku, Finland 2015 & staged for one week at the court of the Turku City Library.

It has been present at Zurich liest Festival, Switzerland, Open Books Festival, Frankfurt, City Library Frankfurt, Chamber of commerce, Frankfurt, Congress on Inclusion, Hamburg & Live at Radio hr2 Kultur & Austrian Radio ORF